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Epoxy roof repairs - full strength structural repairs, no need to remove any roofing

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Repair wood roof beams using our Epoxy Resins and connection bars - full structural strength restored, Engineering Calculation Service available for purlins, rafters, tie beams, ridge beams, King and Queen Post Trusses.

Rotted roof beams can have new ends or mid sections made by us as Timber-Resin Splice Kits, or you can buy the resins and bars separately to make your own repairs. No need to scrap good roof timbers, and no need to open up the roof and the ceiling.

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Avoid scrapping purlins and other roof beams that are damaged at the ends or in the mid-span:

Roof arch repair in roof truss.Timber Resin splice units for purlin repairs.

Roof arch repaired using Timber Resin Splice - these units are made to order, supplied as a Kit.

Roof Beam repaired sholwing slots filled with epoxy resinRoof timber supported during Timber Resin Splice installationTypical rot in a roof timber bearing end.

Slots in a roof repair beam filled with resin. Roof repair prop - wet rotted roof timber.

Multiple Timber Resin Splice repairs to a roof truss.

This type of roof repair includes replaced rotted purlins, ridge beams, rafters and trusses.

  1. Made to fit your beam
  2. Any length, width or depth
  3. Treated with Boron, for long life
  4. Guaranteed for the life of the Parent timber
  5. "The best way to save beams, ceilings and floors that we have ever used - I wouldn't use anything else" - Tony Loades, professional Treatment Specialist (Devon)

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Save good roof beams, save ceilings and floors

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Timber resin Splices for roof timber replacement of bearing ends

Made to measure in our Workshops - new roofing Timber Resin Splice Beam Ends for Purlins

Ready to fit to Roof Timber rotted ends.

Repair sections available for Bressumers, Carrier Beams, Rafters, Ridge Beams, Purlins and Glulam Beams.

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Types of roof timber beam damage that can be cut out and replaced:

  1. Roof Beam Ends and Mid span gaps - over 300mm lost - fit a Timber-Resin Splice - made to measure - INSTANT ESTIMATE - 01626 872886

    Roof Truss repairs showing Timber Resin Splices in place

    2. Rotted Tie Beam Ends and Mid span gaps - under 300mm lost - shutter small gaps or small end defects and fit High Tensile Steel Allthread, zinc plated, and then pour in Structural Epoxy Pouring Grout.

    Pouring Structural Epoxy Resin into a defecive bearing of a roof beam

    3. Rotted Roof Joist Ends above a decorative ceiling - fit a 'Save a Ceiling' Timber-Resin Splice - made to measure, 45 degree face and back angle allow an easy, sliding fit without disturbing the ceiling below - INSTANT ESTIMATE - 01626 872886

    Save a Ceiling joist repair timber resin splice fitted and resin pouredSave a ceiling 45 degree face angel Timber Resin Splice

You can ring us now for Free Help - 01626 872886 - talk to Angela or David - discuss your problem with a Qualified Timber Expert (C.R.D.S. + C.T.I.S.)

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