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David Moore, the Managing Partner, started the Company in 1997, having worked since graduation from Leeds University for GKN in Engineering, then qualified as a Dampness and Timber Surveyor, spending over 20 years in the Damp Proofing and Timber Preserving Industry, both as a Contractor and as Sales Development Manager for a National Chemical Formulator. He then worked for a major UK Epoxy Resins Manufacturer, which directly led to his Invention of the Timber-Resin Splice repair system for structural timbers in buildings.

Unusual shaped post - we can make most thingsWe drill lots of big holes to hold barsLarger TRS Units awaiting shipping

To replace decayed timber with large amounts of resin has two major disadvantages. The first is cost – large volumes of resin are relatively expensive. And second, appearance – in historic buildings large lumps of “plastic” are out of place and this is both unattractive and unacceptable to many clients and Heritage bodies..

Following many years in the Chemical and Resins Industry and also in working with decaying and historic buildings, David Moore realised that a far better solution on both counts was to replace the missing wood with matching wood and use the resin, combined with invisible steel reinforcing rods, just for load transfer and connection - and thus the 'Timber-Resin Splice ' was born.

The new concept - pre-manufacture a new piece of replacement timber to exactly replace the missing part, fitted with bars or slots ready for connection and the whole thing is supplied as a 'kit'.

Now any Contractor can repair any beam or joists in timber to exceed the original strength, and offer a truly neat, cosmetic finish.

The business today manufactures all the 'Timber-Resin Splice' kits for the UK, some several thousand being produced per annum. The product holds a current UK Patent.

To complement this manufacturing activity David had a special range of Boron-based preservative produced to his specification, drawing on many years of successfully marketing Boracols and other Borate-Glycols.

Resins to repair splits and shakes in timber, cracks and voids in masonry and to treat external masonry and timber naturally followed.

A complete Design service was also developed, using fast, Computer-based packages, which gives the Clients instant access to Structural Engineering Calculations, Designs and Method Statements. Estimates are instant - we'll even give you guidance on the number of man-hours required to install the 'TRS Kit'.

No beam repair is too large or too small for this team.

David Moore holds the first ever Timber-Resin Splice.

Kathy Moore, GlupemeisterKathy Moore holding baby TRSSo big we have to sand this beam whilst sitting on it!

Installing bars in a Patented TRS. Peter sanding a huge one.

Contact David Moore and his Technical Team, who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Timber Beam Repair design, manufacturing and customer service. Our fully equipped Workshops create the full range of Timber Repair Units, from softwood to hardwood, solid timber to laminated, and including Glulam repair units.


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